What is Synergy Studios?

Synergy Studios is your one-stop shop for finding all the pro freelance talent you need to complete larger podcasting projects. We make it super easy to have a team of freelancers that are managed by one project manager. Let's discuss your project, send us your info. >

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the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

Short-Term Projects

Utilize a pool of diverse experts for your project

Recurring Projects

Have your own go-to team with specialized skills

Full-Time Contract Work

Expand your staff with a dedicated team

Why choose us?

We offer comprehensive solutions that get you big results. From incredible podcast branding, creative commercials and voice-over, to post-production editing, podcast show planning and management, and more. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to delivering groundbreaking results.


There are many technical and tiresome stages to creating a new podcast.  We will assist you completely in the transition from idea to finished podcast. We offer the best voice-talent, podcast specialists, and audio engineers–visionaries who will carefully design and develop your brand as it carries over into the digital world. 


Stop wasting a lot of time; let us give you that much-needed pro component in your podcast! Audio Cleaning,  Volume Leveling, And Final Mastering of each Episode.  Elevating your sound by adding intros, removing unwanted mistakes, checking levels, EQ, and compression.  


Get an incredible podcast intro and outro with professional voice-talent and music created especially for your podcast. We give you access to powerful stand-out signature voices. Our pros match the appropriate tone and inflection to fit your work perfectly.


We’ll guide you through the process and help turn your idea into a professional, high-quality podcast. You record the audio; we take care of everything else, so your fans can start finding you on ITunes.


Voice-Over + Music + Final Production: We provide fully produced commercial services to podcasters, animated videos, internet stations, and broadcast stations around the world. Prices vary by commercial length.


We will formulate a custom solution that sounds amazing, is made appropriate to your needs, completed in a timely manner, and that conforms to your budget. We look forward to helping you tackle your unique project.

Discover How Easy it is to Streamline Your Complex Podcasting Project

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