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As a mobile podcast studio, we have the ability to bring our recording equipment to you, anywhere you may be. Whether you’re in your office, at a coffee shop, or in the great outdoors, we’ll come to you to capture your audio and produce a top-notch podcast.

1 Podcaster

Studio 1 - Podcasting

This studio is designed for solo podcasters and provides a professional audio recording space equipped with high-quality audio equipment. It’s perfect for recording top-notch audio content and reaching your audience with ease.

Start From $30/hr
1 Podcaster

Studio 2 - Video & Audio

This studio is designed for solo podcasters looking to add a visual component to their podcast. It provides both audio and video recording equipment in one convenient location, allowing you to produce engaging audio and video content.

Start From $50/hr
3 Podcasters

Studio 3 - 3-Mics & 1-Camera

This studio is designed for podcasting panels or groups of up to three people and provides three microphones and one video camera. It’s perfect for capturing dynamic and high-quality audio and video content for panel discussions or multi-person interviews.

Start From $45/hr
5 Podcasters

Studio 4 - Panel Discussions

This studio is designed for larger groups or panels of up to five people and provides five microphones for high-quality audio recording. It’s perfect for capturing the energy and conversation of roundtable discussions, multi-person interviews, or live events.

Start From $60/hr
Multiple Options

Studio 5 - Custom Podcast

This studio is designed to be customized to meet your specific podcasting needs, with flexible options for additional microphones or cameras. It allows you to create a unique and professional recording space that meets your specific needs.

Start From $35/hr
Multiple Options

Studio 6 - Video Shoot

This studio is designed for video production and provides a professional and flexible video recording space that can be customized to meet your specific needs. It’s perfect for creating high-quality video content for video podcasts, promotional materials, or websites.

Start From $40/hr

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At Podcaster Pros, we provide the expertise, technology, and support you need to create professional and engaging podcasts that reach a global audience.


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Get the best equipment and technology in the industry, and make a lasting impression on your audience

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