Frequently Asked Questions

100% Yes We Can! Podcaster Pros is a Chicago-based podcasting studio offering the most comprehensive, forward-thinking, and effective branded audio content. Podcaster Pros services focus on one main objective: to increase your revenue.

Why Podcaster Pros' Branded Podcast Service is better:

  • Your business becomes the content and not the commercial.
  • A branded podcast engages an audience with a brand by telling engaging stories.
  • A branded podcast can convey your brand’s personality, character, and culture, like nothing else.
  • Branded podcasts create loyalty and lead to more engagement and ultimately more revenue.

Types of Branded Podcast Services We Offer:

  • Podcast planning and strategy
  • Mini-podcast episodes that are 5 minutes or less
  • Full podcast interview episodes and panel discussions
  • On-site podcast documentaries

You’ll collaborate and give feedback to create the ideal branded podcast for your business.


A Branded Podcast can help your business in 3 main ways: 

  • Brand Awareness
  • Engagement
  • Establish Authority

Why do Branded Podcasts work so well?  The same reason many people love podcasts: The intimate and conversational nature creates higher engagement and a feeling of closeness to the content and the people conveying these messages.

BBC Global News Study Findings:

  • Branding stands out from the content, helping the message land with audiences
  • Branded podcasts achieve unique cut-through with ad avoiders
  • Podcast listeners are active
  • The activity makes listeners more receptive
  • Branded podcasts drive positive associations
  • Podcasts provide extra time for brands

The main information suggested that branded podcasts are ideal for catching ad evaders and can contribute to 89% higher brand awareness. And also Branded Podcasts are more effective than TV or radio ads.


Branded Podcasts have been called the ads people actually want to listen to. Unlike other channels, they're not exactly advertising or promotional.

Branded Podcast Main Focus:

  • Important that a branded podcast does not sound like a late-night infomercial.
  • Top branded podcasts showcase great storytelling, fascinating conversations, and valuable content
  • A brand mention during a Branded Podcast is not seen as an intrusion- as long as the mention is presented authentically and organically.

The Three Types of Branded Podcasts:

  • Journalistic: News or in-depth investigative reporting.
  • Educational: Instructional or informational. Including tutorials, discussions of products, the technical side of a brand, or the entire industry.
  • Editorial or narrative: Different formats and editing methods for entertainment, involvement, and amusement.